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Turmeric Finger

Ratanpara Overseas is chief Turmeric Finger Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers in Junagadh, Gujarat India. It is very famous for its high medicinal rich content and freshness and so we have earned huge reputation from our worldwide customers. We are supplying turmeric finger at the most surprising prices. It is widely used in making food, cosmetics and various anti-bacterial pastes. Under the inspection of experts, we checked the quality and thus, modern facilities are also used to ensure turmeric fingers to be a perfect match to the international quality norms.

The multipurpose properties have encourages various national as well as international buyers to place bulk orders. Various industrial sectors like pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food, etc., place bulk and repeated orders. Further, these are processed using premium grade technology that helps in providing Turmeric Fingers that comply with the international grades. The rich colour and aroma in the cuisines is because of the use of the turmeric finger.  

Main Constituents of Turmeric Finger

  • Essential Oil: max. 5% (variety of sesquiterpenes specific for the species)
  • Turmerone: Max. 30% (aroma)
  • Ar-turmerone: 25% (aroma)
  • Zingiberene: 25% (aroma)
  • Conjugated Diarylheptanoids: 3 - 4% (responsible for orange colour and spicy taste)

Specifications of Turmeric Finger

  • Moisture: 0-13.5% max
  • Admixture: 0-0.5% max
  • Colour: Yellow & Orange

Uses of Turmeric Finger

Below mentioned are some of the important uses of Turmeric Powder and the natural composition makes this the golden spice.
Culinary Uses: Turmeric is widely used for the culinary applications as thus adds rich colour and aroma to various Indian as well as international cuisines.
Medicinal Applications: Due to the natural composition, the turmeric powder is considered ideal for the treatment and preventions of various health ailments.
Cosmetics: Turmeric powder is also used for making of various cosmetic products because of the skin lightening properties. For treatment of various skin ailments, turmeric powder is considered ideal.
Dye: The colouring properties make the turmeric powder ideal for dyeing applications. Various shades of yellow could be made.
Ceremonial Uses: In various Indian festivals and auspicious ceremonies, use of turmeric powder is considered of great importance.

Health Benefits of Turmeric Finger

  • Turmeric Powder is the spice that is not only use for culinary purposes, but also gives excellent health benefits. For the multipurpose uses, the spice is termed as the golden spice.
  • Antiseptic and antibacterial agent thus, effective on cuts and burns.
  • Excellent healer thus, is very beneficial for the repair of damages skin and recovering injuries.
  • The growth of Prostate Cancer could be suppressed by making use of the blend of Turmeric with Cauliflower.
  • Helps in detoxification of liver.
  • Turmeric also benefits in fighting the progress of Alzheimer's disease.
  • Use of Turmeric also minimises the possibilities of Leukemia in children.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties and effective in Arthritis.

Our Main Market

Ratanpara Overseas is a famous Turmeric Finger Manufacturers Suppliers and Exporters from India. With our voluminous experience we have developed a well-knitted network that is spread in every nook and corner of the world. Some of the markets we deal with are East Europe, East Asia, Central America, North Europe, Middle East, South America, South/West Europe, South East Asia, North America, Australia/NZ, Indian Subcontinent, Caribbean, East/Middle Africa, South/West Africa, North Africa, and other regions round the globe. In addition to this, with our diligent efforts, we have also ascertained huge reputed in the regions of Pakistan, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Indonesia, Qatar, Muscat, and UK.


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