Different Ways To Use Gir Kesar Mango

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Different Ways To Use Gir Kesar Mango

The mouth-watering taste, juicy pulp and saffron fragrance and beautiful colour of Kesar Mango are truly irresistible. The succulent 'king of fruits' ‘Kesar Mango’ not only serves as a sweet dish, but has its use in several delicacies, desserts and beverages. Ratanpara Overseas is one of the best Kesar Mango Exporters that you can reach for buying bulk quantity. Here we jotted down different ways this fruit can be used. So, let’s have a look.

  • For Juice: Kesar Mango with its characteristic aroma, sweetness and juiciness, perfect choice for making juices and has a huge demand in such industry. This Gujarati Kesar Mango is also used for famous Aamras.
  • Jams: Kesar Mango has a huge demand among Mango Jam producers. It’s sweet and tangy taste, add deliciousness to the Jams. It’s an ideal way to keep the magic of mango alive 365 days, even after the season has gone.
  • Ice Creams: Lastly, Gir Kesar Mango is perfect for making Kesar Kulfi and highly demanded among Kulfi producers. Its taste, aroma and juiciness enhance the taste of the ice cream and make a great treat for all.

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